The band Stuck In Neutral was formed in 2020 and have undergone a few scenic as well as member and position changes before finally settling into the final lineup. DJ Everett is at the forefront as the bands lead vocalist, Jordan Smith is behind the mic as secondary vocals and lead guitar, while Andrew Koeber takes up the rhythm guitar, Kyle Hewitt hones in the bass and we have recently welcomed Adam Petrie on the drums!

After taking the time to write a full set of music as well as winning a round of Battle Of The Bands, they took to the studio with producer Mike Wood to begin recording the upcoming EP called; "Moving Forward" with a list of 5 complete songs. Two of which are public and the remaining five are currently unreleased. 

"Moving Forward" EP coming soon.. Keep checking our socials for updates!

You can check out Stuck In Neutral on all streaming platforms to hear the music today, you'll find our latest release; Art Of Disaster as well as our initial single release; Dreamcatcher.

Cheers and we'll see y'all in the pit!